Paris Brest Paris – Just One Week Away.

I am riding Paris Brest Paris next week.  This 1200 km / 764 mile ride happens just once every four years and has been a tradition for over 100 years.  I am looking forward to riding with friends from the US and a community of distance cyclists from all over the world.  We boxed up our bikes yesterday and will be on the Miami to Paris flight Wednesday night. With group harmony and comfort in mind, we all saved up and reserved hotel rooms and bag drops along the route.   We are on the 90 hour plan with a start time of  Aug 16 17:45.  I believe you will be able to track our progress at the PBP website.  My frame number is H210, and my entry is US-787.  I will also carry a spot locator, which you may track at my personal Spot tracking page.

It has been a challenge to sort out all the training and logistics for the trip.  I am excited to have made it this far, and hope that all the travel happens as expected.

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